You know in action movies after someone invents some kind of radical technology, someone else inevitably says, "We can't let this fall into the wrong hands"? This kind of feels like that.

Ben Popper, a writer for the technology news website, The Verge, discovered a subculture of individuals known as biohackers, people who have technology implanted just under their skin. It was a subject Popper apparently found so fascinating, he underwent the procedure himself, having an electromagnetic chip implanted under his ring finger that allows him to feel any type of magnetic resonance radiated by a source such as computer hard drives, or the magnetic third rail of a subway.

As he explains in an interview with ABC News correspondent, Bill Weir, the concept of biohacking could be used in practical terms for people with disabilities such as blindness.

*Please note the video below contains footage of people having the chips implanted in their fingers and contains some blood. If the sight of surgical procedures or even slightest amount of blood makes you queasy, you may want to turn your head around the 44-second and 55-second mark

While I think on some level this is pretty cool, I have to wonder where it stops. Implants are certainly nothing new, however they're usually reserved for making insecure people feel better about themselves. This is something completely different.

Do I really think we could see real life X-Men rise up and start a war against humanity? No, but I do wonder how long it will take before someone uses the technology to break into someone's car, or house, or steal their identity by somehow obtaining their personal information with the wave of their hand.

Perhaps my imagination is getting out of hand. What do you think? Cast your vote in the poll below.