Last Monday night while out on the town with Beck and Foo Fighter Drummer Taylor Hawkins, legendary artist and Beatle, Paul McCartney was denied entry to a Grammy Party hosted by Young Money Hip Hop artist TYGA. McCartney and crew actually tried twice to get in but were told they were not "V.I.P. enough" to get in. To which the iconic Beatles lead singer was hear responding "I'm Paul V.I.P. do I have to be?"

Speculation is that Tyga was making a statement against the snubbing that Hip Hop/Rap artist got from the Grammy Awards by not broadcasting that segment of the awards show. And the fact that no hip hop/rap artists won any of the top awards (i.e. New Artist, Album of the Year, etc) on added fuel to the Grammy Snub fire.

Do you think Tyga purposely turned Paul and company away, or did the bouncer just NOT know who McCartney was?

Let me know what you think in the comment box.

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