I had an awesome weekend!  It got off to an incredible start right after work.  I got home around 2PM and took maybe the most incredible nap I’ve ever been a part of!  Then when I woke up, one of my best friends had texted me asking me if I wanted one of their extra tickets to that night’s Evansville Icemen games…  Do I?!


While not my first Icemen experience, this one was certainly my favorite.  First of all, Evansville deserves a great deal of credit for the support they give their Icemen.  I’ve always been impressed with how much love and enthusiasm this city has for their hockey team.


Secondly, the Icemen themselves looked FANTASTIC!!  I’ve had the Icemen in on the radio show numerous times and I always have a great time with them.  They say they listen to KISS during practices, and I’m inclined to believe them because they’re always very in-tune with the show, its characters, and sensibilities.  The way they flirt with Kat makes me laugh until it hurts, especially defenseman Jake Obermeyer, whose adoration for my newswoman walks a fine line between genuinely sincere and hysterically funny.  Their practices are clearly paying off, though, because they were in prime form Friday night against Orlando’s Solar Bears.


We had great seats, and EVERY goal scored was scored in the net right in front of us…  Well, five out of six.  But four of those five were 2nd period Icemen goals!  Not only did we have great seats, but they were also very affordable.  $14 got us a great seat, a healthy bag of popcorn, and a soft drink.  Plus since the Icemen scored five goals, our ticket could have also been redeemed for a free car wash, although I was unaware of how to do so and I’ve been informed that if I didn’t do it that next day I missed out.  My car could really use it too, after that 13-hour drive from Philadelphia it went on less than a week prior.


The Ford Center or whoever is in charge of intermissions does an incredible job of keeping the crowd entertained while the players are off of the ice.  They have interactive games for the crowd, they toss out prizes like T-shirts, they have fun giveaways…  Even a 106.1 KISS-Cam!  My favorite intermission entertainment was easily the 6-year-olds playing hockey though.  They set the goals a bit closer to center ice, removed the goalies, and let the young, immobile, local hockey studs go at it for a few minutes.  While the little players didn’t fight and check as much as I would have liked, their presence kept the crowd laughing and smiling.


The point is, an Icemen game can be an incredible experience for a family, a date, a night out with friends…  Whatever!  I can’t wait to get back to the Ford Center to support our Icemen!


Whose house?!?!