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Just as the bizarre strangle-hold that Psy's "Gangnam Style" may be beginning to loosen, the potential next overseas bizarre musical threat looms.


Meet Muhammad Shahid Nazir, also known as £1 Fish Man.  Nazir is actually a fisherman from Pakistan that attained his strange nickname because of the price at which he sells his mackerels.


Less than a month ago, £1 Fish Man put a video on YouTube that has already been viewed tens of millions of times!  His sudden rise to fame has been compared to that of  Korean musician Psy whose "Gangnam Style" video is the only video in the history of the internet to be viewed over one billion times.  The song is also similar to Psy's in that it is a goofy, catchy, foreign pop song that is already climbing British pop charts.


What do you think of "One Pound Fish"?