I was working at my desk and thinking about something to blog about – and typically when I'm staring into space it's up and to the right, but this time it was low and to the left. And I was becoming hypnotized by the wood paneling on my office desk. I was reminded of how this desk came to be.

The story is kind of funny, and I wanted to share it with you. I had just moved to Billings, MT to work a radio job. It was my first radio job after college...  I didn't know a soul in Montana when I moved there.

This was me in Billings, in my second home (the studio):

The Rob

I moved to Billings in August 2005, and lived in a hotel. I finally found a place – it was the first time I ever looked for a place myself – and I didn't have a lot of stuff, or make a lot of money. So I bought furniture, and things to assemble, but I didn't have the appropriate tools or a way to assemble it.

One day, on the radio, a girl called in, about my age, and offered to put it together. She came over – I think her name was Sarah – and we put it together.

The desk in my bedroom is still the one we put together. I don't think I ever saw her after that.

Before that, the place was just empty. It had four walls...  Four walls and roaches.

I never saw her again. It was fun, borderline romantic, but we never really kept touch.