Tired of having to shower every single day to wash off the dirt and grime that sticks to you over the course of a day? Maybe you're looking to scale down the amount of laundry you do each week? OR...you have some sort or unhealthy vendetta against Aquaman, and you're looking to become his new arch nemesis. Good news! You can accomplish all of the above and more with a crazy new product that repels not only water, but practically any liquid you throw at it.

I won't go into exactly how it works, the video will explain that, but essentially NeverWet is a spray-on coating you can apply to apparently anything (clothing, metal, plastic, even electronics) to prevent water from soaking in.

The video doesn't mention this, but I assume the effects wear off after some unspecified amount of time passes. I'm no business expert, but I would think creating a product the consumer would only have to buy one of would be a poor strategy.

All joking aside, this does seem to be a pretty cool product, and one that appears to have some practical applications outside of also being used for cool party tricks.

Sleep with one eye open, Aquaman.