The champ is here!!


YESTERDAY I shared a video from Saturday's Twilight on the Trail Family Day of me jousting against Kat's husband and KISS-FM freelance author Mike Adams. The second video in this saga has me facing off against his daughter, who came to her father's defenses once he was slain.


I had been reminded numerous times that Elaina was tougher than she looked.  She studies martial arts and has even flipped full-grown men more than twice her size, no small feat for a 13-year-old girl!  But, like her dad, Elaina proved to be only a moderate challenge...  All sizzle and no steak, as they say.


She was not short on confidence, and swung her oversized Q-Tip like that of a sword of a medievil knight.  But still, she was no match against Champion The Rob...  Adams Slayer.