Gilda Radner was an American comedian and actress best known for her comical characters on Saturday Night Live.  After being diagnosed with ovarian cancer in 1986, Gilda died in 1989.  Gilda’s dream was to have a relaxing place for cancer patients, their families, and friends to visit for support and to find answers. Gene Wilder, her husband, and Joanna Bull, her cancer therapist, began to plan for the first Gilda’s Club.  It opened in New York City in 1995.

Gilda’s Club Evansville, Indiana (GCEV) opened in 2014 on Vogel Road. It is open to anyone affected by cancer. The idea to establish Gilda’s Club Evansville first originated in 2007 with Ann Moore, a local United Methodist, shortly after she began her journey with cancer.  Her family and friends began the process to establish GCEV. Ann lost her battle with cancer in 2009, but her passion and enthusiasm for GCEV lives on in a committed team of community leaders and visionaries.

Gilda’s Club Evansville gives warmth and comfort to everyone affected by cancer. The club has many programs such as networking, support groups, yoga, education, and physician led workshops. There is a reading room where members can go to get resources about cancer or a variety of other books to read. Gilda’s Club website has a calendar of events for each month.  For more information on how to become a member and get involved with Gilda’s Club Evansville, go to