It was a great weekend at the box office, especially for the new AVENGERS movie! I took the Mrs. out on a date to see it in 3D at Showplace East and it was well worth the price of admission! I have always been a fan of the Marvel Universe and I couldn't wait to go see it. I even bought our tickets early cause I KNEW it was going to be sold out if I waited!

The movie jumps right into the action, and Samuel L. Jackson had a more predominant role in this installment as Agent Nick Fury, which is always a good thing. They also managed to balance screen time for each character,  making it seem less like an "IRON MAN 3" movie with special guests and more of a TEAM based movie. There were even  and few moments of humor from the HULK and THOR of all people that had the audience cracking up!

The 3D special effects are great! They had everyone in the theater jumping, flinching, and going "WOOOOOHHH"! We were ducking laser beams, flying shrapnel, and robot body parts coming from everywhere! At times, the action moves so fast that the 3D tends to blur, but it regains focus fairly quickly, and you don't lose track of the action!

I'm doing my best not to give too much of the story away, but someone DOES die which sparks the AVENGERS to unite. I'll let you go see the movie to find out who! And if AT ALL possible, see it in 3D or better yet IMAX 3D!