Recently I started renting a 3D from one of the local rent-to-own places while I'm waiting on my other TV to get fixed at u-know-where, and I gotta admit that I'm NOT in too big of a hurry for them to fix it anymore! I've seen both of the other Texas Chainsaw movies but seeing it in 3D took the gore to a whole new level!

TS3D picks up immediately where the original left off, showing how the one girl escaped and brought the police, but instead of Leatherface being killed in the fire with everyone else, he and ONE OTHER PERSON escapes.

I'm not gonna be a spoiler and give the rest of the story away, but I will say the 3D effects and camera work were right on point, even the acting left a little to be desired. It really looked like the chainsaw was coming right at me during some scenes. And at one point I actually thought I got some blood on me! But I was just spaghetti sauce from my dinner!

If you have a 3D television, I highly recommend this movie and if you don't have one yet, GET ONE! IT'S AWESOME!