This week's App of the Week is the BriskSaber App. Launched as part of the Star Wars Episode I 3D  promotion, this app is a first-person, futuristic saber-slasher(meaning you only see the lightsaber and not the character), where you can choose to follow the ways of the Jedi or the be seduced by the Dark side and play as a member of the Sith.

The object of the game is to hack and slash your way through an onslaught of enemies without harming your friends. Your enemies pop up on the screen and with a swipe of your finger, you deliver and strike with your lightsaber. You get bonus points when you kill more than one enemy at a time, but if you kill 3 friends, GAME OVER.

Overall its a fun app that will have you beating and uploading your high scores for hours! I give BRISKSABER thumbs up! If you have an app that you would like me to review, let me know!