Tomorrow is Father's Day and if you're like EVERY OTHER woman on the planet, you've already decided what you're going to get "DAD" and are probably bursting at the seams trying NOT to give it to him early! But just in case you haven't decided what you're going to get the Father in your life (or you're children's lives), Nino is here to give you a few ideas.

Contrary to popular belief, men are VERY easy to shop for. Most of the time we just want something that says you've been paying attention and shows appreciation for all the hard work we do. And not all of them require you to spend money...SORRY!

1) The "LAZY DAY" treatment - This requires you to spend NO money whats-so-ever (except maybe a card). The day begins with breakfast in bed (or wherever his favorite spot in the house is). NOT CEREAL, or TOAST but a full hot breakfast complete with juices, meats, and pancakes! You get the idea...and don't forget the remote control!

2) The "Shopping Day" - This one does require money but very little shopping. A gift card to his favorite store, (i.e. Game stop, Home depot, SEARS...) of at least $25. If you're gonna make him buy his own gift, at least give him enough money to buy something he actually LIKES! We know you don't know ANYTHING about power tools, video games, or cars and we don't expect you to. Just give US the money and we'll go get it ourselves. Trust me, WE DON'T MIND!

If at all possible, don't give the dad in your life CLOTHES for Father's Day! No ties, t-shirts, fancy socks, underwear, etc. It's the same as Christmas to us! And if you STILL can't decide after all that, just ASK HIM!

Good luck, and HAPPY FATHER'S DAY!