Earlier this week, I was involved in the worst sounding and looking accident in my life! Calm down, calm down...no on e was hurt thank goodness. But I did TOTAL my new Nissan Maxima that I begun to grow so fond of!

Unless you've been in an auto accident of some kind, there really no real way to describe the sound that 4 tons of metal makes! All of my senses kind of went on overload for a brief moment. I saw a white flash, heard a loud bang which turned into a loud ringing in my ear for a while.

And I know the airbags, which deployed with the force of a karate kick from an MMA fighter, are there to help protect you, but they hurt! Better the airbags hitting my arms though that the STEERING WHEEL!

I was a little nervous to drive when I picked up my rental, but it's one of those fears that you just have to get over, especially since both of my jobs involve a lot of driving.

Have you ever been in a crash of anykind (car, plane, hit and run)? Submit your answers in the POLL below and I'll read the results during tomorrow's show!

Drive SAFE!!!