During a performance on Good Morning America, Nicki Minaj had a wardrobe malfunction in which one of her "girls" popped out! Apparently, the nip-slip wardrobe malfuction is the new thing for celebrities to get attention. It used to be they had to do a "video" of an adult nature or have some pictures "accidently" leak to press from an old boyfriend's cell phone!

Call me sceptical, but I just find it hard to believe that most of this stuff is an accident.  People still try to convince me that Janet Jackson's "malfunction" was an accident.  After watching my wife get dressed for over 10 years, with all the jumping around she does double checking in the mirror to prevent that kind of stuff, I can't imagine a superstar not having someone on their wardrobe staff that checks for that kind of stuff. Let me know what you think. Are these malfunctions really "accidents"?