To promote his new album, 'White People Party Music,' Nick cannon dressed up in whiteface and used steriotipical hashtags like #FistPumping & #CreamCheeseEating. Fans and media were outraged. You can get the full story HERE.




The Rob

While I personally am not 'offended' by Nick Cannon's latest 'ad campaign' to promote his new album, I think if you're going to look at the question literally, "is it racist," the answer would have to be yes. Eddie Murphy has a great quote from one of his comedy specials. He says that "if it's funny, nothing is racist." I think one reason Nick Cannon's stunts are being so poorly received is that they're incredibly UNFUNNY, especially when they're clearly trying to be. I'm more offended by what he thinks is funny and what he thinks is music than what he thinks about a race people.

Kat Mykals

While I am not necessarily offended by this, I can definitely see how this could be perceived as racist. More so the hashtags that he used rather the actual act of wearing the whiteface. Regardless of what my personal thoughts are on the matter, he has definitely accomplished his goal of generating a buzz about his new album.


Honestly, It doesn't really bother me. Not because I think it is or isn't racist, but just simply because I don't care. To me, Nick Cannon isn't even relevant.  I can see where it would be perceived as racist, but he was probably just taking a joke too far.