A routine "Man on the Street" (or in this case, Woman on the Street) segment during a Los Angeles television morning show, turned into a hilarious slip of the tongue when the reporter on the scene didn't expect the unexpected.

The beauty and thrill of live broadcasting is that anything can happen at anytime, and when it does, you have to do your best just to roll with it, always keeping in mind that when the microphone is live, there are certain words you can't say.

I can safely say that in my 15 year radio career, I've only slipped once when I left the 'r' out of the word "shirt". As of Monday morning, Allie Mac Kay of Los Angeles TV station, KTLA can't say that.

While on location with a local illusionist during that mornings telecast, Allie was asked to be a part of a trick he was going to perform live on the air. The video doesn't show the setup of the trick, instead picking up with Allie holding a glass pitcher with no idea on what's about to happen.