Evansville residents can now use their smartphones to report non-emergency complaints with the city government by using a free app called “Evansville Citizen Concern.”

The new app is available for iPhone and Droid and can be downloaded for free in the Apple App Store or Google Play.

Residents can now voice concerns like weeds, trash and animal complaints with this app, which even allows users to upload a photo to be attached to their message.

According to Evansville Mayor Lloyd Winnecke, tradition means of reporting complaints will continue to be used within the administration, but the ECC app allows citizens to reach out to city officials another way.

"This new technology makes it easier for citizens to file a concern, track its progress and know their issue is being addressed," Winnecke said. "It will reduce calls to the mayor's office, reduce the amount of time spent on inputting citizen concerns and greatly enhance the accuracy of information received."

Download the Evansville Citizen Concern app here.

Complaints can also be reported online via the city of Evansville’s website.