It had been SOOO long since I had a new pair of shoes that I almost forgot how good it actually feels to have a fresh pair on. What sparked this shopping frenzy you ask? I was hosting the ALL WHITE PARTY at the Pulse for Fly Gang Ent. last night, but I didn't want to show up in my old, beat up Air Max's that I had been wearing for the past year.

So I finally broke down and went to Champs in the mall and decided to get a pair new shoes and an all white heavy T-Shirt. My first choice has always been Air Force One's, but they went up on the price by $10 this year and I didn't have enough. After staring at the wall-o-shoes for about 20 minutes, I decided to go with a pair of non-Air-Force-Ones Nike Air's. I forgot the actually name of the shoe, but if it not Air Force One's, it really doesn't matter now does it?

I find myself walking flat footed trying to avoid getting those crow's feet creases in the toe, and making sure I don't kick anything or drag my feet, cause who knows WHEN I'll be able to get me another pair. I like my choice overall and I think I can wear them with just about anything in my wardrobe.

What was the last pair of new shoes you bought for yourself? Send me a pic @ and I'll showcase your shoe game!