How do you make one of the best ad campaigns ever even better? You make it interactive.

What started out as "The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" campaign with former football player, Isaiah Mustafa, has evolved over time into a series of commercials featuring another former football player, and current star of The Expendables 2, Terry Crews, flexing his muscles and yelling about the power of Old Spice against nasty body odor. The spots are memorable and have become one of those rare commercials that I will stop and watch, even if I'm watch a show on DVR. And that's exactly what Old Spice wants. Actually, what they want exactly is for me to pick up a stick of their deodorant next time I need some, but that hasn't happened yet (although I might be persuaded if the price came down a bit).

While this new ad may not do the trick in getting me to plop down my hard-earned cash for their product, it will keep me entertained for awhile. The commercial, which took two months to shoot, features the aforementioned Crews, shirtless of course, with various muscles on his body hooked up to a room full of instruments. Each muscle twitch plays a different instrument.

The cool part is once the spot is over, viewers can go back and make their own video, controlling Crews' twitches with their computer keyboard. The full layout of what button does what can be found here. Go ahead, give it a shot.