The Wildebeest will no longer be the worlds longest water coaster. According to the Courier Press, Holiday World announced last week their new addition to the Splashin' Safari park, The Mammoth. The new water coaster will be 1,763 feet, 50 feet longer than the Wildebeest. The Mammoth will cover 3 acres, and will be located right next to the Wildebeest.

The popularity of the Wildebeest was the inspiration behind the new ride. Holiday World and Splashin’ Safari President and CEO Dan Koch said,

When we saw what was happening with the ridership and the guest smiles coming off the Wildebeest, we set in motion a plan for a bigger and better Wildebeest. So here we have the Mammoth. It is taller, it is wider and it has more capacity. It is a different type of ride experience. There isn’t another ride like this on the planet.

The ride will feature a conveyor-style lift hill, a five-story first drop and six-person circular rafts. The circular rafts allow all of the riders to face each other. It is designed to spin allowing riders to face forward, sideways, and backwards. A preview of the ride can be seen below.