A few months ago, this adorable baby seal was found on the coast of California tangled in some seaweed. He was underweight, blind in one eye, and his coat not quite developed enough to withstand the chilly ocean waters. It was determined by a marine mammal rescue program in Santa Barbara that the young pup would not be able to survive in the wild so they put out a nationwide call looking for a facility to take him in. The New England Aquarium answered the call.

According to their website, the baby seal was shipped by FedEx (is there anything they WON'T ship?) and arrived at the aquarium on May 19th where he is being nursed back to health by trainers until it is determined he can join the four other seals the facility currently houses.

The only thing he's missing is a name. That's where you come in. Visit the New England Aquarium website and submit your suggestion by May 29th at 5pm Eastern / 4pm Central. This could be something fun you and the family could do together. From what I can tell, there is no prize other than pride in naming a seal. Here's a video of the little guy for inspiration:

Here's a few I thought of:

  • Milton Fuzzycheeks
  • Billy the Blind Seal
  • Phillip Flipperfins
  • Peter Von Furrybottom

[Source: neaq.org via buzzfeed.com]