In an attempt to be more competitve with the pay-cable channels like HBO and Showtime, Netflix has announced plans to reduce its streaming content and add more original programming. I don't know if I'm a fan of this plan or not. Honestly, I didn't even know Netflix HAD original programs.

The whole reason why I subscribed to Netflix in the first place was because it gave me the chance to watch almost ANYTHING I wanted on demand. And ever since I got my new ZTE Warp Smartphone, Netflix is one of my most used, if not THE MOST USED app I have. It like having a Blockbuster or Family Video right in my own living room.

As long as they keep a wide selection of the genres I like, I guess it might not be a bad thing. But if I start to see a drop-off in choices being replaced by so-called "original content", I might just cancel it and go back to