It's National Mom & Pop Business Day. There are plenty of small locally owned business in the Tri-State - just take a trip down the Main Street Walkway or stroll along West Franlin Street to see a few.

One of my favorite Mom & Pop places to go eat with my Mike  is The Pub on Divisi0n Street. We usually sit in the bar area, but if we have the kids, there is a family dining room as well. It has that old Irish pub feel with delicious food and an amazing staff! I highly recommend the Pub Burger, or the Gyro and don't forget about the dessert! Marley's Chocolate Dessert to be exact! If chocolate cake and chocolate mousse had a child, Marley's Chocolate Dessert is it! I call it "Cousse" (cake + mousse) or just heaven!!! If you've never been to The Pub, check it out today!

What is your favorite Mom & Pop establishment??