Reports suggest their are three teams left in the hunt for Peyton Manning's services. The Denver Broncos, The San Francisco 49er's, and the Colts in division rival, the Tennessee Titans. While all three teams I'm sure are checking their books to see how much money they can throw at Peyton, the people of Nashville (where the Titans' are headquartered) are doing everything they can to sway Manning including free food.

Shoney's Restaurant, based in Nashville, ran a large ad in Sunday's edition of the The Tennessean that read:

Peyton, Sign Here and Tennessee Would Really Be Stacked.

The ad included a picture of a large stack of pancakes and special message underneath that read, "Shoney’s CEO David Davoudpour wants to sweeten the deal. Sign with our hometown team and you’ll receive FREE PANCAKES EVERY DAY throughout your career here in Nashville. Let’s Win. And Let’s Eat!"

This follows a story last week which saw the Tennessee state legislature take the time to draft a joint resolution urging Manning to finish his career in the state where he played college ball.

It starting to look like the entire state of Tennessee is becoming that person so desperate for someone to go out with them, they'll do whatever it takes to make it happen. I just wonder if Peyton says "thanks, but no thanks," will they call him at all hours of the day and hang up on him as soon as he answers. Or could it be something even worse...

[Source: Yahoo! Sports]