Very rarely do I get a chance to take my ENTIRE family on a nice outting without it breaking the BANK in the process. This weekend I had one of those chances to take the family out to the Santa Claus Land of Lights in Santa Claus, IN. They have the story of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on display in an amazing array of Christmas Lights! I'd gone to the one that usually in Garvin Park on Main Street here in town, but they took this one to a grander scale. They had displays of Rudolph training to be a reindeer on a treadmill, lifting weights, and even FLIGHT SCHOOL with his personal ELF trainer. The whole story took us about 10 minutes to slowly drive through the guided path, stopping occasionally to read the signs that accompanied the displays.

But the Land of Lights itself wasn't the most exciting part of the trip! The most exciting part was the ride home in the dark, through SANTA CLAUS back to Evansville. I don't know if you've ever driven back from there in the dark but it was an adventure for us. We saw countless numbers of glowing eyes, peering back at us from the densely wooded area. Squirrels and foxes darting across the road mere feet in front of the car like they were trying to run us off the road like an bad car insurance commercial! The icing on the cake was when a deer JUMPED out into the middle of the road, not more that 20ft. in front of us, and just looked at us like it was daring us to hit it. All I could think of was the damage done to  Ryan O'Bryan's old truck and I DID NOT want that to happen to me! Mind you that all of this is happening in almost pitch blackness, on an extremely winding backwood road. I was more nervous than a cat in room full of rocking chairs! I was just waiting for the ax murderer to jump out from the woods next! But, we all made it home safely and no animal were harmed in the making of this post!