I've been watching America's Got Talent, and it's not secret that I've been paying attention to the wisdom of Howard Stern. Last night he showed he continued to show that he's not the pervy creep people think.
When a guy spun around on rings shirtless, it made him feel a little inferior:

“You’re one of those guys that I meet the gym, and I hate right away because well, look at that body of yours.”

It happened. Howard Stern made a little boy cry. Stern buzzed the 7-year-old rapper “Mir Money,” but proved that he has a heart.  Stern got on the stage, and offered his support to the young rapper:

“I've met many great rappers. I'm on the radio. I interview them. None of them are quite as good as you.”

After seeing a dog perform an elaborate routine onstage:

“My dog does nothing.”

Offering a favor to "Horse" from Nick Cannon:

“Do you think it’d be weird if I had Nick Cannon came out here and just smash you in the nuts?”

Giving the awesome rap group that played at the end of the show the once-over:

“The gentleman on the end, looks he kidnapped you guys. What are you their math teacher or something? I didn’t know what you were going to do. I saw violins, guitars, your math teacher.”