As I've been watching America's Got Talent this season, I've been making notes on some of the great Howard Stern quotes.  Last night's episode, with the possible exception of the first episode, was the most quotable yet!

During the "Bikini Bombshell" performance, a group of four pretty girls in bikinis who couldn't dance to save their lives:

“Sharon's embarassed to ask, where can she buy [a bikini] like this so Ozzy can see her in it?"

"My Aunt Sally, God rest her soul, she was 95 when she died.  At 95, she moved better than you!"

"If your implants had exploded, we'd have had excitement.”

The last two awesome quotes came while he was on stage reluctantly tying up a supposed excape artist.  He asked Nick Cannon for help:

“Nick ties up Mariah every night...  He knows how to tie a knot!"

And while the man was pretending to be passed out:

"I killed him!  Finally, a death on America's Got Talent!