Sambo Ray Jr. That may not be a name you recognize, but it will be one you remember after you see him perform MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This." It will be one you never forget after you see him perform Michael Jackson's "Black and White."


My mind has been blown. This kid is incredible! I've always wanted to be able to play guitar, and I have always been fascinated with watching people who can. I would like to go ahead a take a moment here, to point out that there is a difference between someone who can play and someone who can play. Sambo Ray Jr. (his real name is Sam Westphalen) is the latter, and boy! Can he ever play?! I actually had to pick my jaw up when I checked out his official website, and found some of his covers and originals.

Check out Sambo cover MC Hammer's "U Can't Touch This."

Before I decided to cover this song I had no idea what the lyrics were. Like most people I only knew “U can’t touch this” and “Stop. Hammertime”. I did learn the first verse to see if it was possible but the procrastinated on it for a while until I realised I had to do it for the internets. When this went up, Adam (the guy who filmed it) tweeted it to MC hammer. MC hammer re-tweeted it along with “Love it !!!! Well Done !!!!”. Obviously he wasn’t talking about my whistling...


Now that you're interest has been peaked, take a look at Michael Jackson's "Black and White" and prepare to have your mind blown!

This was the first cover I came up with. It was filmed with the camera on the front of my mac. I managed to get it on YouTube  just before he died which did wonders for the view count. Props to MJ for that one.