...And it looks BAD!

While I'm sure many people already feel that MTV's Cinderella story "Jersey Shore" is already overexposed (hell, I like the show and I think it's overexposed), the cable network is not jumping off the gravy train any time soon.


Thankfully we haven't heard much about the Snookie side project "Snookin' For Love" lately, but if one concept could be potentially worse than watching Nicole whore around country, it's this...


Perhaps the most boring and mundane cast member in the "Shore" house is DJ Paulie D...  So, say hello to "The Paulie D. Project!"  If you can't get enough of Paulie every Thursday night, beginning March 29 you can watch the reality series focusing solely on Paulie without all that Vinnie and Snookie getting in the way.  The show will focus on Paulie's life as a club DJ, and will feature peripheral characters from Paulie's real life.


MTV is planning to air "The Paulie D. Project" Thursday nights at 10:30.