The Rob & I were talking this morning during The Rob's Radio Show about what we do in our spare time. I have been crazy busy planning a wedding that's taking place in 22 days!! (OMG!) Rob was telling me about how he's been busy catching up on the shows that he's DVR'd as well as trying to save the city of Gotham! I was lucky enough to stumble across a little piece of internet gold today when I found this video from ScreenTeamShow that parody's Maroon 5's Moves Like Jagger... Ironically it's called Moves Like Batman! Check out some of the lyrics...

When i press start, Arkham City
I feel like the star, and that's one hot kitty
I'm wearing a cape, alter ego Bruce Wayne.
And i'll save the day.
This city is hell, but i got my
Explosive Gel, Remote Control Batarang
So bring on the gang, you know i can hang.
And Hugo is Strange.
And i fight like this...
Drop a smoke bomb and i'll own you.
Do a Cape Stun and i'll show you
All the moves like Batman, i got the moves like Batman.

Check it out!