Does Mariah Yeater have more than just a Bieber Fever?

Over the weekend some more details have emerged on the supposed history of Justin Bieber and paternity-accuser Mariah Yeater.  Justin has finally addressed the issue head-on, telling the Today Show in no uncertain terms that he has never even met Mariah and denied having a relationship of any kind with her.


Justin also claims this has not had a negative impact on his relationship with Selena Gomez.


Last week it was reported that Mariah claimed there were no other potential fathers for her 3-month old son.  However, some men in Mariah's personal life have come forward claiming she accused THEM of being the father as well!  John Terranova, one of Mariah's exes, says Mariah accused him of being the father, but he knew that he wasn't, and then she accused another young man known only as "Steve" of being the father as well.  Terranova believes there's no way Justin is the father and that Mariah is a crazy desperate woman making the whole scam up for money.


On the matter of money, Mariah sure does want it!  She's seeking over 3 million dollars per YEAR in child support!  Many people believe money and attention are motivating Yeater.


Also, Mariah has a criminal record.  She was arrested on battery charges 11 months ago stemming from a fight with her ex which involved her punching him in the face repeatedly and allegedly throwing a brick through a woman's car window.