Miley Cyrus has been talked about everywhere recently. She has made it very clear that she is trying to change her image from adolescent Disney star to mature woman - & the message is coming in loud and clear. Ever since Miley stunned the world when she cut off her long locks, she seems to have gone a little wild, & the MTV Video Music Awards was the icing on the cake. Ever since her jaw-dropping performance, she has been the center of the media's attention. No one was really sure if her performance was a massive train wreck or a brilliant plan to assure she would be remembered.

Now Miley has released her latest single 'Wrecking Ball' and has people talking all over again. Compared to her last single, this one seems fairly tame. It's your typical 'girl falls in love, only to get her heart broken' song. But then came the release of the video - that's when things got weird. Naturally, she isn't wearing any clothes for portions of the video. Literally... not a stitch. Then she starts to do some semi-erotic things to a sludge hammer. Yes... a sludge hammer. It might actually be stranger than the things she did with that foam finger on stage at the VMA's.

After watching the video this morning, all of us on The Rob's Radio Show decided to give our overall impression.


I actually really like the song itself, but I probably would have liked it a lot more if it wasn't Miley Cyrus singing it. I just have a hard time taking her seriously singing such an emotional song. I definitely think the video is way overboard. It could have been way better if she kept it simple and left the sex appeal out (if that's even what you want to call it.)


I think the video is artistic. It's just the right amount of visual W-T-F with a good song. It doesn't bother me at all. It's just a little strange, and that's ok.


I don't exactly know what to make of Miley's new video, "Wrecking Ball." I can say right off the bat I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the song. It's not 'skanky' which is kind of what I have come to expect from her lately. The song reminds me more of "The Climb" than it does "We Can't Stop," which to me is a good thing. The video seems unnecessarily sexual to me though. It's done in more classy way (I guess) than her last video. It's not so much the nudity that strikes me as excessive as much as watching her seductively lick the sledgehammer and seeing her nipples protruding through the thin cloth of her cut-off wifebeater. But hey, she's not obligated to be Hannah Montana for the rest of her life. If this is who she really is, I respect her being herself more than I would if she kept being a phony Disney princess.