...You will NOT BELIEVE how shocking it is!


Everything Miley has done in the past month since her plenty-discussed performance at the MTV Video Music Awards has made headlines for its controversial hyper-sexed content.  If she's not twerking on Robin Thicke with her butt literally hanging out, she's naked riding a wrecking ball.  If she's not naked riding a wrecking ball, she's wearing merely pasties onstage and posing with the Kardashians.  Despite only being out for about three weeks, Miley's "Wrecking Ball" is already easily one of the most-talked about and controversial music videos of all-time.


Miley had been teasing that a controversial "Director's Cut" of the video would see the light of day once "Wrecking Ball" hit 150,000,000 views on YouTube...  And now it has!  How crazy is the director's cut of "Wrecking Ball"?  Watch and find out!