I think it's safe to say I'm KISS-FM's resident Michael Jackson fan.  I can't say honestly I'd even be working in radio today had it not been for his musical influence on me as a young boy.  Tuesday, an album called Xscape was released and is an album of unfinished MJ tunes.  This is the second album with Michael's name on it since his death.  The first one, Michael, I found to be a terrible disappointment.  While I haven't heard the new album in its entirety yet, I'm a bit more optimistic about this new one based on the snippets I've heard.  The first single off of Michael's posthumous work is a collaboration with Justin Timberlake called "Love Never Felt So Good," and I actually like it a lot!  The video features new footage of Justin dancing intertwined with classic MJ moves...  A must-see for Michael Jackson fans!