Ok, I'm not sure if its the first, but this guy has become at leas the most popular.

Over the summer, my family and I watched a lot of American Ninja Warrior on NBC because it was something both my wife and I, and our kids could watch without having to worry about the kids seeing something they don't need to yet. Plus, it was a pretty cool show on top of it.

One thing I noticed with this season's contestants was that many of them listed themselves as professional parkour athletes, or some variation of that. I had also understood parkour to basically be "free running". Meaning an athlete takes of running down the street and hurdling anything that got in his or her way. While I was close, American Parkour defines the sport as, "the physical discipline of training to overcome any obstacle within one's path by adapting one's movements to the environment." See, I was pretty close.

Apparently humans aren't the only one's getting into the act. Meet Tret from the Ukraine, the world's parkour dog of the moment. According to the YouTube description, Tret has been training for fives years. It seems that hard work has paid off.