Now if you know me, you know I'm a sucker for animals, especially when they've got really sweet stories, like the story of this little kitten.

She's 4 weeks old and weighs one pound which may seem about average for a kitten, but not when her birth weight was 2.3 oz.  Seriously this video of her and how tiny she is just makes my heart melt!(Oh and sidenote before I forget! If you're a pet lover  and   you're looking into adopting a dog, you should check out this story about a sweet border collie named Butler.)

I'm such a sucker for animals it's ridiculous, I've got a Chocolate Lab named Bailey, and today happens to be her 6th birthday! She's a big baby, and completely spoiled rotten.

Do you have a pet?  Feel free to share your stories and photos of your furry family members:)

You can catch the adorable video of Marshmallow the tiny kitten below.