Yesterday, Mayor Lloyd Winnecke announced the future of Robert's Stadium. Though several citizens voiced favor in creating a new indoor pool, Winnecke announced that Roberts Stadium would be demolished and a multipurpose park would be put in its place.

Mayor Winnecke explained, "With that as a backdrop … I propose that the city repurpose the Roberts Stadium property and use most of the 37 acres to enhance the green space and recreational opportunities that our city provides its citizens."

He went on to say, "Although some may be disappointed that the recommendation today did not include an indoor aquatics facility, it has not left my radar screen and should be a topic of further community discussion. It simply did not make sense at this location."

There are plans to include "something for everyone" in the new park planning. Winnecke will work with the Parks and Recreation Department to possibly feature a skateboard and bike park, dog park, picnic area, water features, fitness center and short hiking trails.

Winnecke's decision wasn't an easy one to make. He used personal experiences and feedback from citizens to help him do what he thought was best for the community. To hear Mayor Lloyd Winnecke speak more to his decision, click HERE to hear his segment discussing Roberts Stadium on Wednesdays with Winnecke.