If you like laughing, the MayDay Film Festival has something for you!

MayDay Film Festival

From it's humble beginnings at the University of Southern Indiana, the MayDay Film Festival has evolved into one of the Midwest's best film festivals. Submissions are sent in from all over the world and the best are then screened during the two-day event at Showplace Cinemas South.

However, this isn't about the good or great films that get shown, no, it's time to talk about those films you might regret having made in the first place.

That's what myself and one of my bestie's, Ryan McCurdy, will be doing at MayDay. We are gonna watch some of our older short-films that we made and make fun of them LIVE! It should be a whole lot of fun.

"Why Did I Make This?" Short Film Roast will be happening at 5:30 in Theater 2 on Saturday. Tickets for the entire weekend of MayDay are just $5 and that gets you access to dozens of films! You can get all the details about MayDay here!