A power outage in Candlestick Park, San Francisco caused Monday Night Football to be delayed. First thought by announcers to be an earthquake that knocked out the power, the Pacific Gas and Electric Company is now investigating a blown transformer. Candlestick Park – one of the oldest pro football stadiums still in use – is now back up and the game is being broadcasted on ESPN.

Joe Molica, a spokesman for Pacific Gas & Electric Co. stated, “So far I don’t know what the cause is yet. We do know that Candlestick was the only customer affected by this outage.”

The lights first came on in the press box with the ring around the scoreboard following 15 minutes later. Ten minutes after that the stadium lights came back up eliciting cheers from the crowd. Announcers were happy to report that the fans did not panic and remained in their seats during the entire ordeal.