To be honest, Mariah Carey has always annoyed me.  Sometime after the mid-90's (around the "Glitter" era) she turned into a bizarre, egotistical, arrogant weirdo.  Towards the turn of the millennium, she began referring to her fans as "lambs," which I found to be offensive (and The Rob is not easily offended).  I had most of her albums up to that point and considered her voice to be one of the most beautiful I had ever heard...  I was a Mariah Carey "fan" for sure.  Then I would hear her being interviewed all over the place and she would call her fans her "lambs."  Ummm, what??  I like your music and now all of a sudden I'm some brainless "lamb" following your every step and blindly worshiping your every command like you're a god?  Where the hell did THIS come from?  I'm not your stupid lamb baaaaaaa-ing at your feet, I'm just a dude who liked your music and thought you were hot, leave me alone.


It would become clear as the 2000's pressed on that Mariah become "one of those celebs" who lived on another planet.  Her music and personality changed dramatically and I personally became one of the many "lambs" that left the flock with my wooly tail in the air.  Carey took a short vacation from "Planet Mariah" to hawk some garbage on the Home Shopping Network this weekend.  And EVERY word that came out of her mouth was a constant reminder of how out of touch and weird she has finally become.  So gather 'round lambs (or as she will refer you as, her "lamb-ily") and let's watch as our savior embarrasses herself on HSN, dahhhhhling.