No cats were harmed in the making of this video. At least that's why he says.

I always had at least one cat growing up. I think I'm the only guy I know who actually likes them. The current cat count at my mom's house is four, three more than I have at my house. I joke with her that she's only one or two more away from becoming an "old cat lady".

Cats are strange creatures. What is their problem with getting wet? They don't mind drinking it, but put a drop of it somewhere on their body and they flip out. I'm not sure there's any way to understand that, but one guy has figured out why cats always manage to land on their feet with the help of slow motion video.

Meet Destin, a science nut who hosts a series of YouTube videos called, "Smarter Every Day" where he explains in somewhat easy to understand terms, how stuff works. The goal of the videos is not only to educate people like you and me, but to help put his kids through college from any revenue or donations he receives because of the videos.

In this particular video, he takes one of the family cats, Gi Gi, holds her upside down and drops her into a cushioned box. The entire thing is filmed with a high speed camera so we can get a crystal clear view of how Gi Gi twists and contorts her body to make sure she lands on her feet every time.

Now if he can just figure out why cats can act like such jerks sometimes.