*********WARNING! The following story may cause you to scream "WTF?!?!"************

Usually when a person loses a loved one, they keep some momento of that person. Maybe a picture, a piece of jewelry, some have even gone so far as to cut a lock of hair from their dearly departed or display the ashes in an urn.

Well, this has got the be the ultimate example of not wanting to let go. According the sources, Chadil Deffy, married of Sarinya "Anne" Kamsook, his girlfriend of 10 years, during the ceremony in Thailand's Surin province. The couple was engaged to married but an unfortunate accident claim Sarinya's life. It was a combined wedding AND funeral marking the SHORTEST MARRIAGE in world history!

I need to know though is this ROMANTIC or just plain CREEPY? Let me know in the comment box!