One YouTuber claims to have been kicked out of a Walmart store after filming a brawl that took place during the Black Friday shopping frenzy. See the video that he captured.

I have never in my life gone shopping on Black Friday. I have however worked on Black Friday, and I have witnessed some atrocious behavior during my time in the retail world. I have worked at more than one major retailer, and I know that one in particular has a pretty strict policy that prohibits photos & video from being taken inside the store. The man behind the camera in this video quickly learned about that policy when he alleges he was asked to leave a Walmart store after filming a fight that happened.


As best as I can tell in the video the man in the orange jacket has captured what he came in to save big on, and as he is walking away a fight breaks out. You see the man in the orange jacket walk back to the madness, dropping his prized item to pull someone out of the madness. Once he has pulled that person out he picks up his purchase again to get in line. It then appears that the blonde woman who's with him has some kind of beef with another shopper. The man in the orange coat then ushers the blonde woman away. Take a look.

This is precisely why I will never shop on Black Friday.