Over the weekend, the wild, wild world of Southern Indiana exposed an incident that nearly led to two-fisted international affairs, after Evansville Police say a man claiming to be the “King of China” threatened an officer.

According to reports, police were dispatched near the West Side Library on Franklin Street where an unknown man was causing a public disturbance by shouting at and threatening people on the street.

When an officer arrived on the scene, the man gave some indication that he would rather fight it out than go quietly.

That is when police say they cautioned him that he would be tased if he persisted with his malicious actions, but then according to officers the man explained that a taser was no match for him because he was in fact the “King of China.”

However, while there has not been an Emperor of China since 1967, Evansville police have tased their fair share of unlawful culprits – a couple of them being Sergio Weathers, the alleged “Cop Kicker,” and Simon Johnson Jr., whose night of drunken debauchery ended with police giving him a 50,000 volt “Taser Chaser.”

Fortunately, even though the supposed “King” continued to threaten the officer, he was taken into custody without becoming a member of the Evansville Taser Club.

There is no word yet if the man was charged with any crime.