3/15/13: Kenneth Frank, 57 of Newburgh, was detained for questioning for transporting his wife's (Robin Frank, 47 of Newburgh) body on a hotel luggage cart on Wednesday. Though toxicology reports are not back, the coroner is "very comfortable" with ruling out foul play. Police are not releasing cause of death or why Kenneth Frank was transporting his wife's body or why he lied to the hotel employee who initially inquired about Mrs. Frank. Mr. Frank has been released and no charges have been filed.

3/13/13: Evansville Police were called to the Hampton Inn on Evansville's east side when it was reported that a man was wheeling a woman's body through the lobby on a luggage cart.

A hotel employee questioned the man when he saw the woman's body on the luggage cart and then called police. The man got her body into his car but was not able to leave before the police arrived.

The victim has been identified as Robin Frank of Newburgh. Recently, the couple was recently in the news when their Newburgh home caught on fire.