I'm sure you have noticed all of the red equal signs popping up all over your news feed on Facebook recently. This sign is being used to campaign the legalization of gay marriage. This topic seems to be everywhere right now, & I was recently introduced to a song that I think coincides with the movement perfectly. In their song 'Same Love," Macklemore & Ryan Lewis preach, "No freedom till we're equal, damn right I support it."

Usually, I'm not one for preaching my beliefs on others. But it's hard not to acknowledge a movement that is making such a strong presence. So in response to all of the red equal signs being displayed and all of the people showing support for the LGBT community, I can honestly say I'm proud. I'm proud to say that I am part of a generation that is open minded and willing to fight for a change that can better the lives of people. People that deserve to be treated as equals.

So I thought I would share my find. I'm not usually one for hip-hop, but the message in this song is so powerful I thought it deserved to be heard.