It's obvious through their music that LMFAO is a group that doesn't take themselves to seriously. Have you ever heard a LMFAO ballad? No, the duo of Redfoo and Sky Blue are perfectly content putting out club-bangers and party rock anthems along with videos that reinforce the fact that they're just two guys having a good time and they want everyone to join them. They're also not afraid to show off the fact that they're not the hottest guys in the room and they don't mind poking a little fun at themselves.

In my mind, this is pretty evident in the video for their latest single, "Sexy and I Know it" (which can be heard on KISS-FM of course). The video features more than it's fair share of guys wearing sparkling speedos along with celebrity cameos and quite a bit of flopping appendages (trying to keep it family friendly here people!). Check it out for yourself: