Some men don't do the rest of us any favors when they pull stunts like this.

What was supposed to be a vulgar display of the Ford limited edition Cobra Jet's power, turned into a comedic blunder at a drag strip in Maryland. Ford only made 50 of these vehicles this year which features a 690-hp engine to the tune of a cool $93,000.

What could have been an impressive feat of American engineering started off on the right foot, or "wheel" in this case. As the light turns green the driver hammers the gas pedal causing the car to pop up on its back wheels for a good stretch of the strip, but it's when all four wheels touch the ground again where the problems begin.

Here's how the driver saw it:

Did you catch what he did before the car came back down? He turned the wheel. Which as we all know is what makes the car turn. However, it helps if the wheels are actually touching the ground. By turning the wheel before he came down, he had the tires pointing to the right so when the car finally does touch pavement again, the wheels take traction and go in the direction he's pointing, which in this case happens to be right toward the wall. As you can tell, he came out unscathed, minus maybe a bruised ego.

[Source: Yahoo! Autos]