Thousands of fans thought Weezy was getting hitched.

On Valentine's Day, followers of Lil Wayne on Facebook and Twitter read "SHE SAID YES!!!" as his Facebook status.  This is a common status update for the recently-engaged.  And Wayne's army of fans bought it hook, line, and sinker.


Literally thousands of fans showered Wayne with congratulations and well wishes on what they thought was his engagement announcement.  And even if you were in the same Miami restaurant as the couple, you could have easily been fooled into thinking he was engaged.


TMZ is reporting that Wayne asked a waiter at an upscale Miami eatery to put a ring into an ice cream sundae Wayne's girlfriend had ordered for dessert.  He then jumped out his seat and shouted "SHE SAID YES!!!" leading the entire restaurant to believe they had witnessed Lil Wayne getting engaged.


But yesterday, Wayne set the record straight.  The question he popped was "Will you be my valentine?"