On Friday night there was a HUGE panic after TMZ reported that Lil Wayne was in a coma, and was being prepped for last rites. While that was definitely stretching the truth a little bit, the fact still remains that the rapper was in the ICU for several days after suffering violent seizures.

Christopher Polk, Getty Images

Now that all of the Friday night panic is sorted out, TMZ just reported that Lil Wayne has been taken out of the ICU.  According to TMZ they believe that the seizures were caused by an overdose of Codeine.  Codeine is popular because it is legal when obtained with a prescription and taken properly, and it's an opiate so a lot of people mix it with Sprite or something similar to make what they call "sizzurp" and yep, it's the same "sizzurp" that you heard them sing about in the song "G6".

TMZ said that Lil Waynes stomach had to be pumped 3 times after experiencing many violent seizures. He has been in the hospital since last Wednesday, and was in the ICU until today. They say that he has been moved into a regular room, has been eating on his own, and no longer needs round the clock care.

If I find out anything you'll be the first to know!